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Genesis Health Clubs: Where the Best Workouts Happen

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With over 150 health clubs across several Midwestern states, Genesis Health Clubs is one of America’s largest and fastest-growing gym chains. Today, two million members walk through the doors of a Genesis gym and are greeted by “friends helping friends get fit.” 

But what does it mean to build a gym culture focused on faith, health, community and generosity? How exactly does Genesis deliver affordable premium fitness amenities under one roof and a welcoming family environment where members feel at home? As a local gym feel and a large-scale chain, how does Genesis compare to competitors like LA Fitness and Lifetime Fitness?

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll give you an insider’s look at the complete Genesis Health Clubs member experience—covering everything from their top-tier equipment, spa-inspired services, signature programs and benefits costs, common member questions, and pros and cons of joining. After the tour, you’ll know exactly what to expect from a Genesis Health Clubs membership. Experience the supportive community and cutting-edge facilities at Genesis Health Clubs.

Genesis Health Clubs

The goal is to help you decide whether Genesis’ offering stacks up to your unique fitness wants and needs. Let’s start by understanding the Genesis story and rising to become one of America’s favourite gym networks. Genesis Health Clubs prioritizes holistic wellness, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional health.

Inside a Genesis Health Clubs: Amenities and Facility Breakdown

As soon as you walk into a Genesis gym, you can instantly tell it’s designed to the absolute gold standard. We’re talking sparkling clean floors, sweeping high ceilings, natural light flooding every area, and state-of-the-art equipment as far as the eye can see. 

But an excellent gym is more than an open floor plan and shiny new gear. The hallmark of Genesis is having everything you need under one roof—from expansive #groupfitness classes and stacked schedules to scented #saunas for unwinding. Below, I explain what first-class facilities and amenities you can expect from a typical Genesis location. At Genesis Health Clubs, members receive personalized attention from experienced fitness professionals.

Room to Roam: Size and Settings

The average Genesis club spans a whopping 40,000+ sq feet filled with fitness features. Most have different areas and equipment for cardio, strength training, functional fitness, basketball courts, and aquatic centres. Some even have designated wellness rooms for massage therapy!

Here’s a taste of the various spaces and vibes:

  • Cardio deck – With rows of machines like treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals all featuring personal viewing screens.
  • Weightlifting arena – They’ve got it all, from squat racks to Smith machines to tons of free weights.
  • Hammer strength section – Filled with plate-loaded ISO machines so you can lift at an angle. 
  • Functional training rigs – Offers battling ropes, TRX suspension, medicine balls, and more to build overall fitness.
  • Gyms – Full-sized courts for shooting hoops or playing racquetball with friends. 
  • Cycle theatre – Studio hosting intense spin classes to heart-pumping playlists.
  • Pool – Temperature-controlled pools for swimming laps or lounging.
  • Group fitness rooms – Huge variety of dance, HIIT, yoga, Pilates and many more studio classes.

And if you need a break between workout spaces, hit the healthy juice and protein shake bars where you can refuel Smoothie King-style!

Hundreds of Weekly Classes 

With so many vast rooms and speciality equipment, Genesis locations run fitness classes morning till night, allowing members to drop in over 100+ times a week. Depending on location, famous examples include:

  • Yoga – Find your flow with Vinyasa, hot yoga, yin, or restorative sessions. 
  • Cycling – Crank up intensity with rhythm rides and killer hill workouts.
  • Zumba – Shake and shimmy calories away with high-energy aerobic dancing.
  • Pilates – Strengthen your core and sculpt a lean physique.
  • Kickboxing – Unleash your inner fighter while blasting fat with this high-intensity cardio. 
  • Aqua Zumba – Just like classic Zumba but powered by the resistance and cool-down of water.
  • Aqua Arthritis – Low-impact aquatic class ideal for sore joints.

And the list goes on, from yoga sculpting to cardio blasts to SilverSneakers Boom for active older adults. Whatever your mood or fitness level, you’ll find the perfect group class at Genesis. Discover a vibrant atmosphere where members of all fitness levels thrive at Genesis Health Clubs.

Premium Amenities

In addition to size, setting and classes, Genesis Gyms prioritize elevating your experience with rejuvenating and therapeutic #amenities, including:

  • Massage therapy services – Melt tension away with certified massage therapists offering services at incredible member pricing. 
  • Infrared saunas – Unwind after working up a sweat by relaxing in soothing dry heat that can lower stress hormones and detoxify skin.
  • Spas, hot tubs, and heated pools – Genesis Aquatic Centres check all the boxes from aqua classes to laps or lounging. 
  • Basketball & racquetball courts – Play full games with your crew or do some cardio by practising your shots solo.
  • Child care – Free child watch areas will entertain the kids while you enjoy your time working out. Qualified staff provide crafts, games, movies and more to keep your little ones happy!

The next time someone asks what to do at the gym besides lifting weights, you can assure them Genesis clubs offer a little bit of everything. Now, let’s get into the juicy membership deets!

Genesis Health Clubs

Genesis Health Clubs Memberships 101: Costs, Options & Perks Explained

With gleaming facilities equipped for all your health and wellness pursuits, becoming a Genesis member is the rewarding commitment your mind and body deserve. But the options can seem overwhelming between the multi-club access passes, nationwide memberships, and added perks for corporate partners or families!

Genesis Health Clubs empowers individuals to achieve their fitness goals through innovative approaches.

Not to worry – this comprehensive guide breaks down precisely what you need to know about the pricing, membership tiers, discounts, and trial offers available at Genesis Health Clubs nationwide. Time to decode it all!

Membership Cost Breakdown

First, what’s included in every standard Genesis membership? For a monthly fee (ranges from $9.99-49.99 depending on location), you’ll have complete access to any individual Genesis gym, including unlimited:

  • State-of-the-art strength training and cardio equipment
  • Hundreds of weekly land and aquatic group fitness classes
  • Basketball courts, racquetball courts, functional training rigs 
  • Infrared saunas, spas, massage therapy, hydromassage
  • Childcare room 

Now based on the monthly pricing, Genesis memberships typically fall under 3 tiers:

  • Standard Single Club – Access one Genesis gym in your area. It is ideal if you plan to attend one home club location. Roughly $30-60/month.
  • Premium Multi-Club – Access to any Genesis gyms in the surrounding region/state. Perfect for convenient flexibility across multiple gyms. Around $50/month. 
  • Elite Nationwide – Entry to ALL 150+ Genesis gyms around the country. Best value for ultimate gym access while travelling, too! Approximately $75/month.

Enhanced Savings Opportunities

The exciting news is Genesis offers special membership discounts for:

  • Families – Households with 2+ people living in the same home can receive reduced monthly fees. Specific locations also offer free childcare for more freedom in family fitness!
  • Corporations – Employees of companies registered in Genesis’ Corporate Wellness Program get exclusive membership sale prices. Perks like free enrollment, guest passes, and group fitness classes may apply, too. Check with your HR department to see if your workplace partners with Genesis Clubs!

Gift the Gift of Health 

Surprise your loved one with the present of total body wellness with a prepaid Gift of Health Membership including:

  • 3-month, six month or 12-month pre-loaded membership terms
  • Welcome kit with health eval, free personal training session, club t-shirts, and more
  • Option to purchase add-ons like small group training packages

Investing in your health or supporting someone else’s fitness journey has never been more rewarding.

Try Before You Buy

Still, trying to figure out the cost or commitment? At Genesis, you can test drive membership risk-free with attractive trial offers like:

  • 3-day VIP guest pass – Free 3-day club access 
  • One week trial – Only $5 for your first seven days
  • Refer a friend, get a free month – Extend membership when you refer other new members

Now that you know your money will go far on premium facilities, equipment, classes and programs no other basic gym can match, join the 2 million who call Genesis their trusted fitness family!

Genesis Health Clubs

More Than Muscle: Inside the Culture & Philosophy of Genesis Health Clubs

Walking through the contemporary doors of a sparkling Genesis Health Clubs, you instantly feel welcomed into an environment centred around faith, health, community, growth and generosity. But what exactly does the company culture look like in practice?

With state-of-the-art equipment and expert guidance, Genesis Health Clubs ensures optimal results.

Far from a stale corporate chain or intimidating muscle gym, Genesis aims to foster a judgement-free family fitness community for all. Below, I break down the pillars of their unique culture so you can understand what sets them apart.

It Starts with Faith

Founders Rod and Joni Rich started Genesis from humble beginnings in 1999 based on spiritual principles and the Golden Rule: Observe people how you would like to be treated. They cultivated a team and community focused on enriching lives through health rooted in acceptance, encouragement and grace for all.

Joining Genesis Health Clubs means investing in your health and well-being for the long term.

This means when you join Genesis, you’re affirming your commitment to pursue growth in mind, body AND spirit. You’ll never feel pressure about wearing the trendiest gear or lifting the heaviest weight. Instead, the focus is on enjoying healthier habits with friends.

Genesis Health Clubs fosters a culture of continuous improvement and support among its members.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

To provide an uplifting community space for everyone, Genesis prioritizes: 

  • Welcoming all backgrounds – people of every age, race, religion and walk of life call Genesis home. 
  • Body positive messaging – you’ll never hear talk about quick fixes or losing weight fast. Motivation comes from becoming your healthiest self at your own pace.
  • Gender inclusive spaces – private showers, bathrooms and locker rooms accommodate people across the gender spectrum. 

So, if you’ve ever felt too nervous to join a gym or group class, Genesis provides a safe place to take that first step toward your fitness goals.

Focus on Family

From college kids to great grandparents, Genesis members of all life stages rely on the clubs as their home away from home. Expect to recognize familiar faces while your kids play at child care before joining Weekend Family Workout Sessions. Bond over a love of movement together! 

The dedication to excellence at Genesis Health Clubs sets the standard for premium fitness experiences.

Additional family-friendly programming includes:

  • Kids Zumba® Dance Party – Silly high-energy workout with music kids love
  • Family Pool Parties – Make a splash with fun games and floats.
  • Parent’s Night Out – Certified childcare staff host fun fitness adventures for kids, so parents enjoy a night off!

With family discounts and accessible childcare services, even busy parents can prioritize self-care and quality time with loved ones. 

Community Outreach

Giving back is hugely important to the Genesis family. Every club partners with schools, charities and not-for-profits to make health and wellness more accessible through initiatives like: 

  • Annual food, coat and toy drives
  • Fundraising events for organizations like the American Heart Association
  • Free Community Workout Classes supporting special causes 

This generosity of spirit transforms Genesis clubs into hubs for health beyond just members.

Hopefully, now you better understand the pillars underlying the excellent facilities and amenities. Are you ready to join a gym focused on faith, inclusion, friendship and service? Discover the Genesis difference in your neighbourhood today!

Genesis Health Clubs

More Than Machines: Genesis Health Clubs Signature Programs

Becoming your best self is about more than endless cardio or maxing out machines. That’s why Genesis supplements state-of-the-art equipment and classes with innovative signature programs designed for results. These premium offerings take your routine from boring to personal best!

Below, I outline critical proprietary programs that make a Genesis membership stand miles apart from other gyms.

Kids Club – Instilling Healthy Habits Early

Getting active shouldn’t have an age minimum! At Kids Club, the playground isn’t just babysitting but a place for your little ones to grow mind, body and character through:

  • Ninja Zone – Kids leap, swing, and scale a bright padded obstacle course that develops coordination. 
  • Interactive Games – Screens project apps that make learning about health fun through augmented reality.
  • Arts & Crafts – Craft time sparks creativity with colouring, beads, and cut-outs focused on nutrition, exercise, faith and manners.  
  • Dance Parties – Follow along to Zumba® Kids choreography and playlist they’ll love!

You can have peace of mind knowing your children are in good hands and having a fantastic time while you crush your workout!

Genesis Health Clubs provides a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health.

Group Power – Strength In Numbers

Why train alone when group power can transform your motivation? Program options like Muscle Max or Butts & Guts apply strategic sequencing with weights, body weight and balance over 8-week programs for visible muscle and athleticism. Other team training includes:

  • TRX 101 – Learn to leverage your weight with TRX suspension training tools
  • Kettlebells & Kickboxing – Torch fat through highly effective hybrid strength and cardio circuits. 
  • RowBros – Hit machine ergs in synced teams of four racing towards victory each week. Talk about encouragement!

Challenge yourself among friendly faces rather than headphones in the corner.

Personal Training – Dedicated to Your Goals

Invest in 1-on-1 expert coaching tailored to your unique body and aspirations with Genesis’ certified personal training team. From injury rehabilitation to losing baby weight to the first 5Ks, trainers break you out of plateaus.

Flexible session packages fit every schedule and budget. Or add personal training onto certain membership tiers for deeply discounted rates.

Either way, no fitness journey should feel one-size-fits-all. Get custom workouts, accountability check-ins, form correction, and meal guidance from your fitness pro at Genesis! 

Through programs focusing on community camaraderie, nurturing kids, or personalization, you’ll feel part of something motivating versus mindlessly checking workout boxes. Schedule your tour to learn more ways Genesis leads differently!

Genesis vs the Competition: How it Stacks Up to Other Gyms

Picking the right gym can feel overwhelming, with gleaming facilities on every corner beckoning you to join. Should you choose national chains like LA Fitness, Lifetime Fitness or Planet Fitness? Or go with local favourites instead? 

With state-of-the-art facilities and expert trainers, Genesis Health Clubs empowers individuals to reach their fitness goals.

As one of the largest Midwest-based gym networks, Genesis Health Clubs combines premier amenities with a warm, welcoming vibe. But how does it compare when stacked against the big names in fitness?

Below, I break down the member experience at Genesis vs other major gyms across crucial categories so you can determine the ideal fit. Let the fitness showdown commence!

Price and Membership Value

First up, bang for your buck. Genesis offers multiple membership tiers with rates spanning $9.99-49.99/month plus discounts for families and corporates. In contrast, LA Fitness runs $30-50+ monthly.

Yet Genesis facilities deliver more aquatics, courts, classes, child care and premium services like massage therapy. So, what you pay relative to amenities surpasses more prominent brands.

Equipment and Facility Offerings

Genesis health clubs shine with large, contemporary spaces (40,000+ sq ft) housing state-of-the-art equipment like self-powered Technogym, premium weightlifting racks and FUNCTIONAL training rigs for full fitness activation. Expect spacious floor plans and varied rooms for every workout genre.

Meanwhile, Planet Fitness sticks to budget equipment like half-racks without barbells, light dumbbells up to 75lbs and limited group spaces. It is acceptable for casual gym-goers, but serious fitness fans require more.

At Genesis Health Clubs, members are part of a supportive community dedicated to achieving personal growth and well-being.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

With sparkling locker rooms, sanitation stations, and staff continually wiping equipment, you can trust Genesis prioritizes cleanliness. Reviews even praise locations for the absence of odours despite expansive square footage and pools.

This contrasts the renowned dirty locker rooms and showers lamented at certain LA Fitness and Planet Fitness chains. You’ll feel far more comfortable breaking a sweat at Genesis.

Customer Service and Company Culture

Between the faith-based foundations and the welcoming staff addressing members by name, Genesis oozes service with a smile. The locally-owned franchise feel also allows clubs to meet community needs rather than corporate bottom lines.

Meanwhile, Lifetime Fitness and LA Fitness often face complaints of upselling sales tactics and unresponsive staff leading to frustrating experiences.

The verdict? While Genesis may carry a different national brand clout, its superior value, amenities, maintenance, and service inside beautiful facilities position it as the premium gym chain to beat. Schedule a guest pass to see for yourself!

Genesis Health Clubs

Genesis Health Clubs FAQs: Answering the Biggest Member Questions

Are you considering a Genesis Health Clubs membership but still have some questions? As their facilities expand nationally, new member inquiries about policies, amenities, pricing and more abound.

So I’ve compiled this handy FAQ guide addressing the top questions frequently asked by Genesis gym guests before joining. Let’s break it all down!

How do memberships and billing work?

Genesis offers flexible membership terms spanning 1-12 months that auto-renew monthly once any prepaid period ends. You submit written notice to cancel without pesky early termination fees. Convenient billing runs via a bank account or recurring credit card.

Can memberships be frozen or cancelled at any time?

Yes! Pause or cancel memberships for any reason as long as you provide written notification before the next billing date.

What amenities are included with single-club vs. multi-club membership?

All Genesis memberships grant unlimited access to equipment, group fitness, courts, child care, locker rooms, saunas, etc., at that specific location(s). The sole exception is massage therapy and small group training, requiring separate signups. 

How much do personal training or speciality classes cost?

Personal training session packages range from $ 35 to $ 100+ per expertise, depending on the trainer’s expertise. Speciality equipment pilates, hot yoga, JetSpace cycle, etc., incur added class pack fees of around $10 per class.

Do all Genesis Health Clubs locations offer identical equipment and classes?

While facilities follow consistent Genesis standards, location size, layout and speciality amenities can vary slightly. Yet you’re guaranteed robust strength and cardio machines, free weights, rigs, a full basketball court, pools, showers and 100+ weekly fitness classes.

What kinds of family discounts or childcare services exist?

Score reduced membership dues for households of 2+ immediate family members. Kids 11 and under enjoy complimentary child care during parent workouts along with clubs hosting signature Kids Zumba®, Kids Club play zones and more youth programming.

These Gen is FAQs help provide clarity before beginning your fitness membership! Please reach out with any other questions.

The Pros and Cons of Joining Genesis Health Clubs

With gleaming facilities offering everything under one roof, it’s no wonder Genesis Health Clubs boasts over 2 million members strong and counting.

But before you grab those gym shoes and sign up, it’s wise to weigh the advantages that make Genesis unlike any other fitness chain and any potential drawbacks.

Below, I break down the biggest pros and cons of that coveted Genesis membership based on experience and member reviews.


Large Nationwide Network of Facilities

With 150+ locations across over ten states and regional access tiers, Genesis delivers convenience wherever you roam.

Premium Amenities and Equipment

From spotless locker rooms, top-rated equipment brands, and lap pools to salt saunas, basketball courts and juice bars, Genesis spares no expense to motivate your health.

Flexible Membership Terms

Choose membership durations spanning 1-12 months and freeze/cancel anytime sans early termination fees.

Affordable Price Given Value

The return through amenities surpasses higher-priced competitors for membership rates from $9.99-49.99 based on club access.

Focus on Community Belonging

There is no fitness intimidation here! Genesis fosters a judgment-free culture that welcomes people across all backgrounds, ages and abilities.


Potential Location Closures

As a growing chain, it’s rare, but certain clubs may unexpectedly shutter. Thankfully, month-to-month terms offer flexibility.

Complex Decentralized Structure 

Unlike uniform national chains with locally-owned franchises, policies and pricing vary from club to club. Do your homework.

Upselling Tactics

Some members report occasional sales pressure on personal training deals upon joining. Learn to say no or set Training boundaries.

Membership Commitment


If you despise gym contracts, Genesis requires 30 days written notice before cancelling, so factor that obligation in.

Overall, Genesis delivers if you prioritize premium features, deep value given decent investment, and welcoming camaraderie in service of total health. Schedule a visit soon!

Genesis Health Clubs offers a diverse range of fitness classes and amenities tailored to meet the needs of every member.

Genesis Health Clubs

Conclusion: Genesis Health Clubs

With over 150 locations nationally, Genesis Health Clubs strives to create judgment-free fitness spaces focused on faith, health and community. Now that you’ve gotten a complete inside look at their member experience. There’s so much to love, from the expansive state-of-the-art facilities equipped with top-tier amenities and the variety of membership options accommodating all budgets and lifestyles to signature family programming and specialized training.

While every gym brand has drawbacks, Genesis shines where it matters most: providing exceptional value through squeaky-clean spaces, premium equipment and classes that foster feel-good motivation versus dread. Ultimately, it delivers everything you need to crush goals under one roof alongside friendly faces. Genesis Health Clubs offers a comprehensive range of fitness programs tailored to individual needs.

From personalized training sessions to group fitness classes, Genesis Health Clubs ensures that everyone can find their perfect workout routine. Genesis Health Clubs is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle through education, motivation, and innovative fitness solutions.

So, if you’re seeking a welcoming fitness family where you feel supported to grow body, mind and spirit on your terms, look no further. What the Genesis team has built over 20+ years goes far beyond dumbbells or treadmills. Now serving over 2 million smiling members and counting, discover the meaningful health movement and inviting community Genesis offers.

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