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The Best Ice Cream Sliding Mitt: A Must-Have for Dessert Enthusiasts


Nothing compares to the sheer happiness of devouring a delectable ice cream cone on a steamy summer’s day. The creamy sweetness melts in your mouth as you savour each lick. But that blissful moment can quickly become a sticky mess as the ice cream starts sliding down the cone, dripping all over your hands and clothes. The Ice Cream Sliding Mitt ensures a mess-free serving experience with its innovative design.

If this scenario sounds disastrous all too familiar, an ice cream sliding mitt may be the ingenious solution you’ve been waiting for. This clever little accessory is a protective barrier between your hands and the freezing cone, preventing melted ice cream from escaping and creating a sugary disaster.

Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

In the past, ice cream lovers had to employ various makeshift techniques to keep their hands clean – from using napkins as mitt substitutes to awkwardly licking up drips before they had a chance to escape. But with sliding mitts now on the market, those days are gone for good.

More than just a functional product, ice cream sliding mitts have become a quirky pop culture phenomenon. With their stylish designs and handy problem-solving abilities, they are taking social media by storm. They make eating ice cream a fuss-free, mess-free experience. 

So get ready to learn everything about this must-have accessory for ice cream lovers everywhere! This comprehensive guide will cover the history, types, benefits, proper uses, top product recommendations, and even some creative mitt hacks. Your ice cream adventures will never be the same again.

The Fascinating History of Ice Cream Sliding Mitts

While ice cream has been around for centuries, dating back to ancient civilizations, the ingenious invention of the ice cream sliding mitt is relatively new. This unique product has taken the ice cream world by storm recently, but its origins are humble.

The sliding mitt concept arose from a simple problem—the frustration of getting sticky hands and clothes from melting ice cream drips. As any ice cream lover knows, there’s nothing worse than being outside on a hot day, trying to enjoy a cold treat, only to be thwarted by the inevitable mess.

The Early Years (1990s)

Some of the earliest predecessors to modern sliding mitts can be traced back to the late 1990s. Companies like Neat Solutions and Eat’n Tool patented the earliest ideas for keeping hands clean when eating ice cream, corn on the cob, and other messy foods.

However, these initial products were pretty rudimentary. Many consisted of fabric sleeves that covered the hand and wrist. While better than nothing, they didn’t provide a complete solution for gripping cones and containing drips.

The Rise of Silicone (2000s)

It wasn’t until the early 2000s that more sophisticated sliding mitt designs began emerging, thanks to the increasing popularity and accessibility of silicone materials. Silicone’s waterproof, heat-resistant, and non-slip grip made it ideal for an ice cream hand protector.

Companies like Silikong and SYL Accessories were early pioneers. They developed silicone mitt products that fit snugly over the hand, containing melted ice cream and providing a better grip on cones and bars.

During this era, silicone mitts were still reasonably simplistic in design—usually just a single bright colour like blue, green, or red. But they quickly caught on with the general public, looking for an easier way to enjoy ice cream.

Going Mainstream (2010s)

As silicone mitts grew in demand through the 2000s, the 2010s saw the product go Mainstream, with widespread availability across stores and online retailers. This decade marked a significant change in mitt design, materials, and marketing.

CompanyYear FoundedBased In
Cool Hands Mitt2013California
Bellzorn2016United Kingdom

Companies like those listed above entered the market with innovations like:

  • Textured gripping surfaces for better cone control
  • Double-walled insulation to protect against ice cream’s chill
  • Fun character designs and patterns to appeal to kids
  • Multiple sizes to fit hands from children to adults

Sliding mitts were no longer just functional – they became fashionable ice cream accessories that allowed people to express their personalities.

Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

The 2010s also saw the rise of reusable vs. disposable mitt options. While reusable silicone mitts were more eco-friendly, some companies pushed disposable paper or plastic mitts as a more hygienic single-use solution.

Modern Times (2020s)

Today, ice cream sliding mitts are a full-fledged cultural phenomenon. They’ve been embraced by families and casual ice cream fans, influencers, celebrities, and even professional brand mascots as part of their visual identity.

The market has continued evolving with increasingly creative mitt designs, from glow-in-the-dark options to mitts themed around popular TV shows, movies, sports teams, and more. There’s a mitt for every ice cream lover’s style and taste.

On the materials front, we’ve seen the rise of plant-based mitts using sustainable resources like bamboo fabric and natural rubber. And advancements in grip technology have led to mitts with sticky surfaces that can handle even the most precariously dripping ice cream cones.

What may the future hold? Suppose the creative history of ice cream sliding mitts has taught us anything. In that case, innovators in this space will continue dreaming up new designs and features to make ice cream enjoyment easier (and messier) than ever before.

The Different Types of Ice Cream Sliding Mitts Explained

There are many different variations available now that ice cream sliding mitts are a common commodity. Walking down the frozen food aisle, you’ll see mitt packages showcasing different materials, sizes, and designs, and some are even labelled as reusable or disposable.

It can be overwhelming to decide which type is right for you and your ice cream needs. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide, which breaks down all the major categories and styles of sliding mitts on the market today.


The material a mitt is made from plays a huge role in its functionality, durability, and overall user experience. Here are some of the most common options:


  • Most popular and widely available mitt material
  • Provides a solid, non-slip grip on ice cream
  • Waterproof and easy to clean/wash
  • Can insulate hands from cold temperatures
  • Usually reusable but can be disposable


  • Stretchier and more flexible than silicone
  • Thicker material offers better insulation
  • Tends to be reusable and longer-lasting
  • Can be more expensive than other options
  • Different texture grip than silicone


  • Cotton, bamboo, or polyester fabrics
  • More breathable than plastic/rubber
  • Absorbs some moisture to avoid drips
  • Generally, hand wash only
  • Budget-friendly disposable paper options

In addition to the primary materials above, some mitts add gripping dots, ridges, or special coatings to enhance their non-slip capabilities on ice cream. Keep your hands clean, and your ice cream scoops perfect with the Ice Cream Sliding Mitt.


Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

While most sliding mitts aim for a one-size-fits-all approach, getting the right fit is important. Sizes generally fall into:


  • Smaller mitt circumference for little hands
  • Shorter length to avoid excess bagginess
  • Often themed with fun character designs


  • Sized for average adult hand measurements
  • Most affordable and readily available


  • Larger mitt circumference for bigger hands
  • Extra-long length to cover more of the forearm
  • May have adjustable tightening features

Proper sizing ensures the mitt won’t slip off, providing enough coverage to contain drips and messes. Enhance your dessert presentation skills effortlessly with the Ice Cream Sliding Mitt.

Styles and Designs

What was once a helpful product has become the ultimate canvas for creative mitt designs and artistic expressions. You’ll find options like:

Solid Colors

  • Vibrant single shades like red, blue, green
  • Classic look, easy to match with outfits


  • Polka dots, stripes, zigzags, and more
  • Add a fun pop of visual interest

Character Themes

  • Popular movie/TV characters like Baby Shark
  • Superheroes, princesses, animals, etc.


  • Sports teams, brands, universities, and more
  • For fans looking to rep their favourite things

Some mitts even glow-in-the-dark or feature unique textures to maximize Their eye-catching appeal. The Ice Cream Sliding Mitt will let you say goodbye to sticky fingertips and welcome to smooth scoops.

Design StyleBest For
Solid ColorsSimplicity and versatility
PatternsAdding some flair
Character ThemesEntertaining kids
Co-BrandedPassionate fans

And those are just visuals! Mitts also come in scented and flavoured varieties for an extra multi-sensory experience. The Ice Cream Sliding Mitt makes serving frozen treats a breeze, even on hot days.

Reusable vs. Disposable

One critical decision is whether you want a reusable sliding mitt that can be used repeatedly or a disposable single-use option.

Reusable Mitts

  • Made from materials like silicone or neoprene
  • More eco-friendly and cost-effective long-term
  • Requires washing/cleaning after each use
  • Risk of cross-contamination if not sanitized well
  • A year or more is the average lifetime.
Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

Disposable Mitts

  • Utilizes paper, thin plastics, or fabrics
  • Discard after use – no cleaning needed
  • More hygienic for single-person use
  • Creates more waste over time
  • Very affordable at $1 or less per mitt

Both reusable and disposable versions have pros and cons regarding convenience, hygiene, cost, and environmental impact. It comes down to personal preferences and priorities. Enjoy scooping ice cream with precision and ease using the Ice Cream Sliding Mitt.

No matter which type of ice cream sliding mitt you choose, there is an option to fit your style, budget, and messy ice cream protection needs! The variety ensures everyone can experience the pure pleasure of a drip-free ice cream cone.

The Amazing Benefits of Using an Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

There’s no denying the pure bliss of enjoying a delicious ice cream cone or bar on a hot summer day. But that sweet treat can quickly become a sticky, drippy mess without the right tools. Enter the ice cream sliding mitt – a simple yet ingenious product that solves all your cold dessert woes. Here are some of the most significant benefits of using one:

🍦 Keeps Hands Completely Clean and Dry

No more dodging rogue ice cream drips or frantically licking melted streams off your fingers. The mitt creates a protective barrier so your hands stay spotless while you indulge. Slide it off to reveal pristine, mess-free hands when you’re done. Serve up smiles with every scoop, thanks to the Ice Cream Sliding Mitt’s practicality.

🍦 Prevents Melting Messes

Nothing ruins an ice cream outing faster than melted puddles all over your hands, clothes, and surroundings. A mitt contains all those drippy disasters before they start, so you can focus on savouring each bite instead of stressing over stains.

🍦 Provides a Secure Grip

Trying to hold onto that rapidly melting cone or bar is a juggling act at best. Because of the mitt’s non-slip surface, you can hold onto your reward firmly and are less likely to drop and smash it everywhere. Elevate your ice cream game with the convenience of the Ice Cream Sliding Mitt.

🍦 Protects from Brain Freeze

Your hands act as mini ice packs when pressed against the frozen dessert. A mitt insulates your palms, allowing you to indulge longer without dealing with brain freeze headaches.

🍦 No More Dye-Stained Clothes

Those vibrantly coloured ice creams and popsicles look beautiful until the dyes bleed onto your outfit. You can rock a white shirt without accidental stains or splatters with full hand coverage. Make dessert time a delight for everyone with the Ice Cream Sliding Mitt by your side.

How to Use an Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

Using a sliding mitt is super simple, but there are a few tips to ensure a smooth, mess-free experience:

Ice Cream Sliding Mitt
  1. Pick the Right Size

Most mitts run one-size-fits-most for adults. Kids may need a smaller size to avoid excess bagginess. Getting the right fit avoids slippage.

  • Put It On Properly

Slide your hand into the mitt, inserting your thumb through the thumb hole. Adjust the mitt so it lies flat and does not bunch.

  • Grip Cone/Bar Firmly

With your dominant hand in the mitt, grip your ice cream treat. The textured surface will grip securely.

  • Let It Contain Drips

As you eat and the ice cream melts, let any drips fall safely into the mitt’s cupped palm area instead of your hand.

  • Switch Hands If Needed

For extra control or to rest one hand, slide the mitt onto your other hand when desired.

  • Finishing Up

Once you’ve reached the end, slide the mitt off over your clean, dry hand, and then toss or wash accordingly.

Pro Tips:

  • Put the mitt on before getting your ice cream to avoid any initial drips
  • Pair with a cup/bowl holder to be hands-free if desired
  • For extra grip, look for mitts with raised texture patterns

Top Ice Cream Sliding Mitts to Try

With so many mitt options, deciding which one is right for you can take time. Here are some of the highest-rated and most popular mitts to consider:

NATNAT Reusable Silicone Mitts

  • 100% food-grade silicone material
  • Textured honeycomb grip pattern
  • Long 9-inch coverage up forearm
  • Variety of bright, fun colours
  • Machine washable and reusable

Ciq Bamboo Disposable Mitts

  • Made from eco-friendly bamboo fibre
  • Ultra-soft fabric wicks away drips
  • Each mitt is individually wrapped
  • Assorted cute prints and patterns
  • 50 mitts per pack for $12.99

Smitton Character-Themed Mitts

  • Features characters like Marvel, Disney, etc.
  • Made from thick, insulating neoprene
  • Anti-slip textured grip on palms
  • Sized for both kids and adults
  • Machine washable and reusable

ZaRaC Waterproof Sports Mitts

  • Great for sports fans and team pride
  • College and pro sports branding
  • Made from 100% silicone 
  • Ribbed grip texture
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Glow-Up Illuminating Mitts

  • Eye-catching glow-in-the-dark designs
  • Charges with any LED light source
  • Made of flexible food-grade silicone
  • Contoured shape for easy gripping
  • Great for parties or night outings 

No matter your needs, there’s an ice cream sliding mitt to keep you clean, secure, and styled. Drippy messes don’t stand a chance!

Ice Cream Sliding Mitt Hacks and Cool Tips

Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

While mitts are fantastic at their core, with the singular purpose of no-mess ice cream eating, clever folks have found ways to expand their use even further. Here are some fun hacks and tips:

Beyond Ice Cream

Don’t limit mitts to just cones and bars! They can also contain drips from:

  • Popsicles and ice pops
  • Slushies and frozen drinks
  • Freezer sandwiches and treats
  • Frozen fruit bars and yoghurt pops

Decorating Mitts

Why settle for a plain mitt? Get crafty and decorate a plain white mitt with the following:

  • Colorful fabric markers and paints
  • Washi tape and stickers
  • Glued-on embellishments like poms or sequins

Great for themed parties, holidays, and events!

Layering for Extreme Cold

If ice cream is too frigid, wear a thin glove underneath the mitt for extra insulation against frozen treats.

Mitt Mittens

Attach two mitts at the openings with a velcro strip to create a dual-hand cosy mitten!

Boot Covers

Use mitts as protective covers when putting on rubber boots and shoes to avoid getting dirt/debris on your hands.

Packable Cleaning Cloth

The grippy mitt texture is perfect for cleaning! Toss one in your bag for on-the-go cleaning. Experience the joy of serving ice cream like a pro with the Ice Cream Sliding Mitt.

Get creative, and mitts have many uses beyond their intended ice cream purpose. The sky’s the limit for this clever little accessory!

Ice Cream Sliding Mitt FAQs

Ice cream sliding mitts are a relatively new product category, so it’s understandable if you still have questions about them. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Are mitts safe for kids to use?

Yes, sliding mitts are entirely safe for kids! Many brands offer mitts designed explicitly for smaller child hand sizes. The materials used, such as silicone, neoprene, and fabrics, are non-toxic and food-safe. Mitts allow kids to indulge in ice cream mess-free.

How do I clean a reusable sliding mitt?

For silicone and neoprene mitts, wash with soap and water after use. You can also put them on the top rack of a dishwasher. Fabric mitts should be hand-washed or run through a gentle cold cycle. Be sure to air dry thoroughly before subsequent use.

Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

Can you put a sliding mitt in the microwave or oven?

No, sliding mitts are not made to withstand dry heat from appliances. The high heat could warp, melt, or otherwise damage the materials. Only use mitts for holding frozen treats.

Do mitts prevent brain freezes?

Sliding mitts add an insulating layer between your hands and the frozen dessert. This barrier helps minimize the intense cold feeling that leads to brain freezes. However, eating too quickly may still trigger one.

Where can I buy sliding mitts?

Sliding mitts are available virtually everywhere ice cream is sold these days! Check grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, and online retailers. Their availability is expanding each year, making them more mainstream.

Do mitts work for ice cream cakes/pints?

Sliding mitts are for handheld treats like cones, bars, and popsicles. While they could help you grip larger treats, they may not fully cover or contain drips from a melting pint or cake.

How long do reusable mitts typically last?

A good-quality silicone or neoprene mitt can last six months to a year with proper care and occasional replacement. Lower-quality mitts may only last a season or two before needing replacement.

The Future of Ice Cream Sliding Mitts

While sliding mitts have only been around for a few decades, they’ve quickly evolved into a cultural phenomenon. As this fun product category continues to grow, what innovative changes can we expect to see next?

Sustainability Shifts

As eco-friendly attitudes increase, we’ll likely see a more significant push toward reusable, sustainable sliding mitt materials. Silicone alternatives derived from plant-based sources and fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton may take over as mitts minimize environmental impact. 

Advanced Grip Tech

While current mitt grip textures are adequate, new advancements in grip science and materials could produce mitts with incredibly secure, lock-tight holding capabilities. Think everything-proof ice cream grips that defy gravity!

Smart Connectivity

Even sliding mitts could be on the digital bandwagon in this smart home and IoT age. We could see mitts with built-in temperature sensors to alert us when they’re melting too fast, connected recipe/flavour recommendation apps, and more.

Expanded Branding

Companies realize the brand amplification potential of sliding mitts as walking billboards. Every major food/beverage brand, from sodas to snacks, may start releasing branded mitts as merchandise and marketing tools.

New Form Factors

While the current mitt shape is functional, expect to see experimentation with new designs and form factors for frozen treats, such as extended finger mitt “gloves”, integrated drip catchers, and more futuristic spins on the mitt.

Mitt Subscription Services

Like razors and pet products, sliding mitts could become the latest recurring subscription box offering. Services that send new seasonal mitt designs or bundled mitt/treat packages straight to your door.

The possibilities are endless as sliding mitts grow as an innovative yet quirky novelty product. One thing is sure – they’ll keep introducing new ways to enjoy ice cream with ZeroSpillsTM!

Conclusion: Sliding Into Mess-Free Sweetness

After exploring the history, benefits, proper uses, top products, FAQs, and future of ice cream sliding mitts, one thing is clear: this unique little accessory is here to stay and only getting better with time.

What started as a humble solution for keeping sticky hands at bay has become a cultural phenomenon. Sliding mitts have brought a new level of fun, creativity, and mess-free ease to the simple joy of indulging in a frozen treat.

From convenience factors like preventing drips and providing a sturdy grip to pure delight factors like themed character designs and illuminating glow styles, there’s a sliding mitt for every ice cream lover’s desire. And they’re only getting more innovative by the day!

Ice Cream Sliding Mitt

So whether you’re a parent looking to save your child’s outfit from stains, a hardcore dessert fanatic who demands a pristine experience, or just someone who hates sticky hands, it’s time to get your hands in a sliding mitt.

These clever little kitchen gadgets have become a mainstream must-have accessory. Embracing them will help you fall in love with ice cream all over again through an entirely new lens – without any drippy disasters.

Grab your favourite mitt, get out there, and start sliding into summer’s sweetest moments. With mess-free mitts on your hands, the delicious possibilities are endless!

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