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Exploring The Best Ice Cube Sherwin Williams Paint Shades: Elevate Your Space with Subtle Elegance


Grays dominate the neutral paint color scene thanks to their versatility and livability. But with so many gray shades to pick from, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect hue. That’s where the famous Sherwin-Williams color Ice Cube SW 7562 comes in. This light green-gray with crisp undertones offers subtle visual interest without going too dark or cold.

Elevate your interior design with the cool sophistication of Ice Cube Sherwin Williams, a palette that effortlessly blends modernity and timeless elegance.

Keep reading about Ice Cube’s origins, decorating potential, application tips, and more. You’ll be convinced this soothing shade is a foolproof neutral paint pick by the end.

Ice Cube Sherwin Williams

All About Ice Cube Sherwin Williams 7562 Paint Color

One glimpse at the Sherwin-Williams Ice Cube paint swatch makes it easy to see why this gorgeous light-medium gray paint turns heads. Ice Cube offers enough depth and saturation to avoid looking washed or bland. 

So, what gives this popular paint color its subtle charm? Let’s break down Ice Cube’s backstory and decorating potential.

Origins and Background of Ice Cube Sherwin Williams 7562

Before deciding whether Ice Cube is the right light, warm gray for your home, it helps to understand this color’s origins:

  • Release Year: Part of Sherwin-Williams’ 2020 Color of the Year palette 
  • Color Family: Light gray with distinctive hints of sage green
  • Undertones: Subtly crisp and cool with hints of green and blue for visual interest 
  • Coordinating Colors: Pairs beautifully with wood tones, light blues like Rainwashed, and metals

Ice Cube SW7562 Stats:

  • LRV: 59
  • Base: LRV 59 for Extra White base  
  • Sheen Recommendation:
    • Eggshell: Bathrooms, kids rooms, hallways
    • Satin: Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms
    • Matte: Commercial applications
  • Special Primer Needed? None needed 
  • Number of Coats: 2-3 coats recommended

Decorating With This Soothing Green Gray

What rooms shine when painted in Sherwin-Williams Ice Cube? This crisp, refreshing shade complements rooms of any size or purpose.

Best Rooms for Ice Cube Gray Paint

  • Living Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Hallways
  • Offices 

Modern farmhouse, coastal, and Scandinavian decor styles beautifully embrace Ice Cube’s cooling undertones. Or add contrast with brass hardware and warm wood furnishings. 

See Ice Cube in Action

Ice Cube Sherwin Williams

Summary: Ice Cube’s versatility makes it one of Sherwin-Williams’ most livable grays with green undertones.

Painting With Ice Cube Sherwin Williams 7562 Step-By-Step

You’ve chosen the perfect crisp, inviting gray for your space. Now it’s time actually to paint your walls in Sherwin-Williams Ice Cube! Follow this foolproof process for turning any room into an Ice Cube oasis.

Prep Like a Pro

The key to a smooth, flawless Ice Cube finish starts with proper prep:

  • Clean Surfaces: Eliminate dirt, grease, mildew and soap residue
  • Repair Imperfections: Caulk cracks, fill holes with spackle
  • Sand Glossy Surfaces: De-gloss shiny areas for better paint adhesion 
  • Prime If Needed: Use an oil-based primer for staining woods, drywall primer for new sheetrock, etc.

Recommended Primers for Ice Cube Sherwin Williams Gray

  • Sherwin-Williams Premium Wall and Wood Primer
  • Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Water-Based Primer

Cutting In the Edges

“Cutting in” means carefully brush painting edges and corners before rolling the main wall areas. 

  • Use an angled brush for the best control.
  • brush from top to bottom in smooth, slightly overlapping strokes
  • Work in 2-3 foot widths, then roll center areas before moving on.
  • Use painter’s tape for ultra-sharp edges if needed.

Rolling Techniques

  • Use 1/2 or 3/4 nap roller for most smooth walls
  • Roll in approx. 3 x 3-foot sections
  • Use “W” and sideways “N” motions 
  • Blend sections with light vertical strokes 
  • DIY Tip: Use a painter’s pole for hard-to-reach spots

Pro Application Tips

  • Maintain the border moist to avoid lap marks.  
  • Work top to bottom and wall to wall methodically
  • Roll lightly over newly cut-in edges to blend

Apply Second Coat 

  • Allow the first coat to fully dry first (usually within 1-2 hours)  
  • To avoid any dust nibs, use fine-grit sanding and sand lightly.
  • Vacuum, then wipe walls with a microfiber cloth.
  • Follow the exact cutting-in and rolling technique for a second coat

That’s it! With two smooth coats of Ice Cube SW 7562, you’ll have a light green-gray backdrop that’s peaceful and timeless. 

The estimated total dry time before furnishing the room is 24 hours.

Ice Cube Sherwin Williams

Ice Cube Sherwin Williams 7562 Paint: Cost, Availability, and Final Take

You’re likely sold on the soothing, livable light gray-green allure of Sherwin-Williams Ice Cube. But before taking the plunge, knowing specifics on pricing, availability, and final verdict is helpful.

What’s the Typical Price Per Gallon?

Ice Cube lands in the middle of the road for paint pricing:

  • $60-$70 per gallon 
  • $20-30 per quart
  • 5-gallon buckets available for larger jobs

Pricing varies slightly by finish sheen:

  • Matte finish – Most budget-friendly option
  • Eggshell or Satin – Moderate pricing
  • Semi-Gloss – Typically the most expensive

Ways to Save on Ice Cube Sherwin Williams Paint  

  • Check for sales, coupons, and rebates at your local Sherwin-Williams store
  • Buy during 30-40% off sales events  
  • Opt for a less expensive Matte finish
  • Ask about mismatched paint for the deepest discounts

Checking on Ice Cube Sherwin Williams Availability

Due to Ice Cube’s popularity, you may find it temporarily out of stock or backordered. Here are some tips:   

  • Call your nearest stores ahead to check the inventory.
  • Leave a phone/email to get notified of the next incoming shipment. 
  • If urgent, order on the Sherwin-Williams website with delivery

The good news? As a core Sherwin-Williams color, Ice Cube gets regularly replenished. Any wait is well worth it!

Ice Cube Sherwin Williams

Conclusion: Who Should Choose Ice Cube Sherwin Williams Paint?

If reviewing gray paint swatches left you lukewarm, Ice Cube could be your color crush. Homeowners praise this greeny-blue-gray for its livable tone and flair.

Revitalize your home’s aesthetic with the crisp and refreshing tones of Ice Cube Sherwin Williams, creating an atmosphere of understated beauty and tranquility

Ice Cube SW 7562 Wins With:  

  • Crisp, soothing, natural undertones
  • Flexibility across styles and spaces
  • Visual depth beyond typical pale grays

Before deciding, view large in-person paint samples on your walls. Ensure Ice Cube reads more “ta-da” than bland neutral in your lighting.   

But for most spaces needing an airy yet attractive gray that steers clear of drab, Ice Cube SW 7562 makes for a foolproof choice.

On a scale of 1-10, this gorgeous greeny gray scores a 9!

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