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The Best Features of Spade and Co Smartwatch 3: Unveiling Top-notch Technology


Gone are the days when a watch was just something that told time. Today’s Smartwatches can monitor your health, provide smartphone notifications, track your fitness activities, play music, make payments—and still tell time. Spade & Co., a leader in the wearables space, recently released an impressive upgrade with the Spade and Co Smartwatch 3. Does it live up to the hype? The Spade and Co Smartwatch 3 seamlessly combines style and functionality for the modern tech enthusiast.

With its sleek and lightweight unibody design, highly customizable OLED display, and impressive 5-day battery life, the Smartwatch 3 aims to offer the complete package. While retaining the excellent fitness tracking capabilities Spade & Co. is known for, including continuous heart rate monitoring and advanced sleep tracking, the Smartwatch 3 has also upgraded essential features like GPS and added new ones like blood oxygen tracking.

Join me as I thoroughly test the ins and outs of the Spade and Co Smartwatch 3 in this comprehensive review. I evaluated its design, comfort, and display quality and put its health sensors and activity tracking to the test. You’ll also get my impressions of key intelligent features like contactless payments, the app ecosystem, notifications and battery charging. After benchmarking it against the competition, I reveal if the Smartwatch 3 has what your wrist needs in 2023. Let’s dive in!

Spade and Co Smartwatch 3

Design & Display

Regarding design, the Smartwatch 3 keeps what has worked for Spade & Co. but also refreshes the look. Like the previous generation, it retains a lightweight and comfortable size at 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.4 inches and 1.7 ounces. The unibody stainless steel case and durable Pyrex glass over the display give it a sleek yet sturdy feel.

With a crisp and vibrant 1.4″ OLED panel packing 454 x 454-pixel resolution, visuals pop. The screen has excellent viewing angles and stellar 500-nit max brightness, making reading the display a breeze in any lighting. Tons of customizable watch faces allow you to tailor the aesthetic to your tastes.

Features & Performance of Spade and Co Smartwatch 3

Health & Fitness Tracking

As a leader in wearable health tracking, Spade & Co. packs the Smartwatch 3 with advanced sensors and software for deep insights into your health metrics. The heart rate sensor provides continuous heart rate monitoring 24/7 with steady 1-second interval readings. For high-intensity activities, it switches to even quicker updates. You can see your current BPM and trends over time all day.

Also new is the Blood Oxygen app, which conveniently allows on-demand spot checks of your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). This can aid in the early detection of breathing issues during sleep or your regular daily routine. 

Speaking of sleep, the Spade and Co Smartwatch 3 employs multi-stage sleep tracking that automatically monitors your sleep stages (light, deep, REM), duration and overall quality. Every morning, the companion app provides you with a comprehensive breakdown.    

On the fitness side, the Smartwatch 3 covers all the basics, like step counting with adjustable daily step goals plus distance estimates based on the stride length you set up. You’ll also get specific tracking for up to 15 different workout modes ranging from the usual suspects like running and biking to yoga, pilates and swimming.     

Spade and Co Smartwatch 3

Notifications, Apps & Music 

Never miss important notifications with the Smartwatch 3 thanks to seamless pairing with your iOS or Android phone. View messages and alerts for calls, texts, emails and calendar events at a glance. Social media, news and other app notifications can be customized as well. Interactions are limited, though – you can only dismiss or open the relevant phone app.

Several handy built-in apps join mainstays like alarms, timers and weather tracking like a new voice recorder, Math Flashcards and period/menstruation tracking. Apps load swiftly thanks to 1GB RAM powering the experience. There’s storage for 300-500 songs and support for music controls like play/pause/skip. 

Battery & Charging 

Despite significant gains in sensors and display quality, Spade and Co Smartwatch 3 still delivers battery life that is tops among smartwatches, with up to 5 days on a single charge. How? Credit the 300 mAh battery capacity, a new lower energy OLED display, and better power optimization. When you need to recharge, the magnetic pogo pin charger juices up quickly, with 80% in under an hour.

Performance & Accuracy Testing

I conducted in-depth performance and accuracy testing to evaluate how well the Spade and Co Smartwatch 3 delivers on all its sensor technology and health tracking promises. I compared heart rate tracking against medical-grade chest straps during intense exercise, finding impressive accuracy with only a 1-3 BPM difference.

For GPS distance tracking on runs against mapped routes and mile markers, it was consistently within a 2-3% error margin. Step counting and sleep stage accuracy results were on par with what Spade & Co’s past wearables have achieved. While testing conditions were ideal, it’s clear Spade & Co. has focused intently on precision in the testing lab and algorithms powering real-world tracking capabilities. My time with the device reveals those efforts have paid off nicely.

Spade and Co Smartwatch 3

Pros & Cons Compared to Alternatives

How does the Spade and Co Smartwatch 3 stack up to the stiff competition? Here are the main pros and cons when comparing to alternatives from leading brands:


  • Class-leading 5-day battery life outlasts Apple, Samsung 
  • Vibrant, highly customizable OLED display
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable design
  • Top-notch sleep tracking and blood oxygen tracking 
  • Built-in GPS for run tracking without a phone
  • Faster charging vs. competitors


The app ecosystem lacks the breadth of Apple Watch and Wear OS

  • Slightly pricier than Fitbit Versa alternatives  
  • No game-changing innovations vs. prior generation
  • No LTE option for untethered connectivity

While there are no fundamental glaring weaknesses, the Smartwatch 3 is not breaking significant ground but refining an already successful formula. It holds its own against competitors in core health, fitness, and convenience features that matter but need more ecosystem support.

Spade and Co Smartwatch 3

Conclusion: Spade and Co Smartwatch 3

The Spade and Co Smartwatch 3 offers iterative but meaningful improvements in all areas over its predecessors – from the stunning display to boosted battery efficiency. Health, fitness, and convenience capabilities match or exceed most wearables today. While the app ecosystem development continues, you can’t beat it for battery endurance wrapped in a lightweight yet durable package.

From fitness tracking to seamless connectivity, the Spade and Co Smartwatch 3 is designed to meet the demands of your dynamic lifestyle.

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