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Discover the Best of Health at California Family Fitness


Finding a gym that welcomes the whole family and has excellent amenities and equipment might take a lot of work. When embarking on a new fitness journey together, you want an encouraging, welcoming facility with perks the kids will enjoy as much as you do – no sacrifices needed. California Family Fitness provides a welcoming environment for families to prioritize their health and well-being together.

That’s where California Family Fitness shines. With clubs dotting Northern California suburbs from Solano County to Sacramento and the Bay Area, it takes a genuine “fitness for the whole herd” approach. More than just a hashtag, California Family Fitness embraces family workouts focused on health, bonding, and making lasting memories.

Throughout this guide, you’ll discover why California Family Fitness checks all the boxes:

  • An extensive network of clubs close to home offering everything from expansive workout floors to indoor basketball courts and swimming pools
  • Flexible tiers for the family budget plus discounts for households and teens
  • Dynamic group fitness classes for all ages and abilities (even toddlers!) 
  • Dedicated kids zones complete with activity centres and babysitting
  • Specialized programs catering to youth sports, seniors, and pre/post-natal needs

Join us as we break down everything California Family Fitness has to offer your household. From choosing the right location to personalized training options, maximizing amenities, and best practices for getting little ones engaged, this all-encompassing guide showcases why this homegrown, family-first gym should be your first choice.

California Family Fitness

Picking the Perfect California Family Fitness Club for You

With over 20 California Family Fitness (CFF) locations across Northern California, selecting the right gym for your family depends on several factors, including proximity to amenities. 

Luckily, CFF gyms have your household top of mind, offering family-tailored features you won’t find at big-box corporate gyms. As a California-based chain catering to Golden State families since 1983, they know a thing or two about the ideal workout environment for all ages.

CFF Regions and Club Distribution

Currently, CFF gyms are clustered in three core geographic regions:

  • San Francisco Bay Area: Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties
  • Greater Sacramento Area: Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba Counties 
  • Solano County: Fairfield, Vacaville, and surrounding cities

Browse all locations on their club listings page.

While more condensed than a national chain, this works to your benefit, letting CFF optimize amenities for regional communities. Expect thoughtful considerations catering to neighbourhood demographics.

For example, Folsom facilities spotlight bouldering and climbing walls fitting the city’s outdoorsy vibe, while Fairfield offers dedicated Pickleball courts for that Solano County pastime.

Top Factors In Picking Your Club

When selecting your family’s home CFF, keep these key considerations in mind:


Prioritize whichever gym makes it into your regular rotation. Choose the location closest to:

  • Your neighbourhood
  • Kids’ schools
  • Your office

Mere minutes from home or work removes excuses for skipping workouts!

Individual Club Size

CFF facilities range dramatically from intimate single-room yoga studios to sprawling mega-gyms with indoor basketball courts and group training turf fields.

More prominent locations offer more amenity variety yet can feel crowded and impersonal. Smaller clubs provide a welcoming community vibe yet less diversity.

Think about your family’s preferences and strike the right balance.

Classes, Programs + Activities

While free weights, resistance machines, and cardio equipment remain standard, not all CFF gyms are created equal in “fun flavour” programming.

Some fun bonuses to look for include:

  • Swimming Pools: From lap lanes to splash pads for tykes
  • Sports Courts: Basketball, volleyball, Pickleball, batting cages
  • Specialty Equipment: Rock climbing, Ninja Warrior courses
  • Group Classes: Unique options like Youth Karate, Family Obstacle Training

Compare class guides and amenity listings to find the right fit.

We’ll explore activities and programming in more detail later on.

Childcare + Kids Perks

If keeping your kids engaged while you break a sweat is a top priority, facilities with dedicated youth zones, gaming areas, and babysitting services should rank highly.

Spotlight on Standout Locations

While every CFF club prides itself on family-friendly offerings, a few go above and beyond tailoring to household needs:


This sprawling, multi-story gym boasts the chain’s most extensive rock climbing walls, getting kids and adults off the ground. Mini-mountaineers rejoice!


With specialized Pickleball programming for the regional pastime, spacious Zumba studios, and a lively group training calendar, Fairfield fires on all fitness cylinders.

Almaden Valley (San Jose)

New facilities opened in 2021 infuse Silicon Valley technology into workouts via virtual reality, wearable trackers, and app integration. The ultimate in modern, dynamic training!

The Best California Family Fitness Starts With YOU

No matter which location becomes your family’s second home, the genuine community and locally attuned guidance create a fitness experience that can’t be matched.

Ready to find your fit? Use CFF’s Club Finder tool and book a free trial workout now!

California Family Fitness Memberships 101: Plans, Perks, and Costs Explained

Ready to make California Family Fitness your household’s home for health and wellness? As a locally grown, community-focused gym chain throughout Northern California, you can expect welcoming amenities without inflated prices.

Memberships balance accessibility for neighbourhood families with various tiers to meet multiple needs and budgets. Whether you’re a hardcore gym buff or casual athlete just trying to stay active with the kids, there’s a place for you.

Let’s break down everything you need about joining, from membership types to pricing, terms and discounts.

Membership Tiers: What’s the Difference

All California Family Fitness (CFF) memberships include unlimited gym access across all Northern California locations. Switch seamlessly between your neighbourhood club to one near the office or when visiting extended family nearby! 

Core membership plans include:

  • Elite Membership
    • Top tier with the full slate of amenities, classes, and discounts
    • Includes bonus perks like unlimited Hydro Massage use 
    • Best value for whole families
  • Advantage Membership
    • Mid-level balance of gym access with select premium services
    • Streamlined for couples or singles
    • Special pricing for seniors 60+ 
  • Basic Membership
    • Mostly just gym floor and cardio room access
    • No frills, but lowest cost
    • Ideal for teens and college students on a budget

Initiating Fees and Average Monthly pricing  

As expected, the fancier the membership tier, the higher your initiation and monthly fees. Fortunately, CFF keeps pricing reasonable as a regional, community-based gym network vs. big-box national chains.

Membership TypeInitiation FeeMonthly Dues (avg)  
Elite (family)$199$89

Additional membership perks like college discounts or seniors rates provide further savings!

California Family Fitness

Contract Terms, Upgrades + Cancellations 

Getting started is low stakes with flexible policies. Here are key terms to know:

  • No long-term contracts required! Go month to month.
  • Upgrade or downgrade membership levels anytime as your needs change
  • Pause Account for travel or injuries penalty-free (max 90 days annually) 
  • Cancel anytime after the first ninety days with a written notice of thirty days.

This risk-free approach makes it a cinch to switch tiers to match pregnancy, injury recovery, or other life events. Take breaks when you need them!

Special Discounts, Deals + Add-Ons

Beyond tailored membership types, CFF offers special pricing programs like:

  • Family member discounts: First + additional household members save 
  • Teen/college deals: Pay just $19.99 up to age 22 with ID
  • Senior pricing: Discounted Advantage memberships start at age 60
  • Affiliate discounts: Perks via employers, schools, and partners  

And for an extra $5-20 monthly based on membership type, upgrade to premium amenities through Platinum add-ons like unlimited:

  • HydroMassage 
  • Tanning 
  • Additional club access nationwide

Or save over 10% by paying annually vs. monthly payments.

The flexibility empowers you to tailor the ideal fitness package for your household’s needs and budget!

Joining the CFF Family 

With membership basics now clear, you’re ready to find the right California Family Fitness home for your household! Convenient online joining takes just minutes.

To get started, check out CFF locations using the Club Finder and book a free trial workout. Then, select your preferred membership tier, add family members, and enter payment details. 

Feel free to call or swing by your local CFF club, too – the welcoming staff is happy to explain options and take you on a tour before joining.

Here’s to a fit future with California’s top family-friendly gym!

Inside a California Family Fitness Gym: Amenities, Features and Facility Highlights

When searching for your household’s new home for health and fitness, “getting your money’s worth” matters. You want confidence your gym investment pays dividends through dynamic amenities suited for all ages.

That standard and welcoming “community center” environment radiates throughout Northern California’s 20+ California Family Fitness locations. As a regional gym network catering to Golden State families since 1983 through ever-evolving facilities, the range of activities empowers active lifestyles.

Let’s explore CFF gyms’ layout, signature features, and can’t-miss member favourites:

Typical Gym Size and Format

While varying from cosy single-room studios focused on speciality programs like yoga to tri-level clubs with fully loaded “sports mega-plex” setups, most California Family Fitness locations range 15,000-40,000+ square feet.

You’ll generally find state-of-the-art equipment and ample workout space without overwhelmingly massive square footage that feels empty. Expect a comfortably compact neighborhood feel.

CFF gyms are usually organized into core zones:

  • Cardio: Treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, rowers, etc.
  • Resistance: Weight machines, free weights, benches, racks, bars, etc. 
  • Studios: Group fitness rooms for classes, cycling, HIIT
  • Basketball/Racquet Sports: Gymnasium-style courts
  • Aquatics: Pools, hot tubs, saunas
  • Youth: Kids’ zones, activity centres, childcare

Follow intuitive layouts and directional signage from the lobby to navigate all areas effortlessly. Modern conveniences like phone chargers, WiFi, and hydration stations mean you’ll never miss a beat!

Signature Family Friendly Amenities

While every CFF location meets elevated expectations for cleanliness, hospitality and maintenance as a premium regional gym chain, several signature amenities catering to whole families set clubs apart:

Junior Jams Class Series

These youth classes creatively fuse games, activities, coordination drills, and skill-building to keep young athletes engaged while picking up healthy life habits. Offerings range from Junior Jams Bootcamp to Sports Skills to Youth Yoga. Parents can enrol kiddos as young as one to middle schoolers.

CFF Kids Zones + Activity Centers

Dazzling kids zones entrance youth with vibrant colours, gaming, oversized elements like Lego walls, and designated preschool play spaces supervised by staff. Let your imaginations run wild so you can focus on your workout! Some clubs also incorporate junior-sized functional training rigs for a sneak peek at Mom and Dad’s routines.

Babysitting Services

On-site babysitters save the hassle of finding childcare pre- or post-workout. CFF staff vet sitters to ensure safe, nurturing environments for even infants, enabling parental peace of mind.

Aquatics Complexes

Several premier locations elevate traditional gyms with pool complexes spanning warm water therapeutic tubs to family splash pads up to Olympic lanes, enabling hardcore lap swims and swimming lessons perfecting the little one’s strokes!

Group Exercise Class Variety

CFF clubs are just as much local headquarters for break-a-sweat group fitness as personal training in the weight room. With many classes included standard based on membership tier, the extensive daily calendars spotlight both classic formats like cycling to balance to aqua aerobics along with niche trending modalities such as:

  • Strong (HIIT with body weight)
  • Barre (pulses, holds, micro-movements) 
  • CXWORX (core + abdominal focus)
  • Silver Sneakers (active aging)
  • Zumba (dance fitness fusion)
  • Youth Karate
  • Family Obstacle (agility for all ages/levels)

The variety keeps your family perpetually pumped to walk through the CFF doors! Sample new-to-you programs regularly to add spice to your routines.

California Family Fitness

Flagship Location Spotlights

While every CFF facility uniquely reflects its local community, a few facilities stand out thanks to premium features:


  • Rock climbing summits soar 45+ vertical feet enabled by towering walls, challenging overhangs, and varied terrain 


  • Dedicated indoor and outdoor Pickleball courts welcome North Bay’s favourite active pastime
  • Life Centre studio is specifically designed for yoga, Pilates and low-intensity modalities

Almaden Valley (San Jose)

  • Cutting-edge fitness tech includes virtual reality, wearable biometrics trackers and mobile app integration
  • Ultra-modern weight floor spotlights an outdoor functional turf rig

Regardless of your home location, the Northern California Family Fitness network continually invests in elevating amenities driven by member needs to facilitate healthy living.

Start Exploring CFF Facilities Near You!

Now that you know the lay of the land regarding California Family Fitness gym offerings, it’s time to visit a location near you!

Use the Club Finder tool to browse nearby facilities and request tour passes. Don’t just take a lap and leave – stay to play! Shoot hoops, splash in the pool, break a sweat in a group class, and get hands-on with top-quality equipment.

Experience first-hand the welcoming vibe where fitness is fun for the whole family. You’ll quickly realize that when it comes to amenities everyone will use, California Family Fitness checks all the boxes.

California Family Fitness Personal Training and Specialized Programs

Are you seeking extra guidance ramping up your fitness routine or want to train for a specific goal? At California Family Fitness (CFF), an array of personal training packages plus specialized programs cater to whole families’ needs.

While membership grants full reign of premier gym amenities, expert coaching introduces next-level regimens, amplifying results. And thanks to CFF’s hyper-local community focus as a Northern California regional chain, training options uniquely cater to target demographics.

Personal Training Overview

All CFF locations offer personal training packages to purchase in 5, 10, or 20-session bundles available on recurring monthly billing or pre-paid full term.

  • 1 hour sessions with certified personal trainer
  • Comprehensive fitness assessment determining goals, baseline abilities, and limitations to guide programming 
  • Customized workout/nutrition planning factored to unique objectives, schedule, access and recovery needs
  • Accountability + motivation through direct spotting, ongoing progress tracking and modification to push you
  • Access to full gym outside training sessions

California Family Fitness maintains an extensive trainer staff spanning various backgrounds like collegiate athletes, pre/postnatal or adaptive needs specialists, CrossFit competitors, and more. Use CFF’s Trainer Finder to browse bios and specialities.

Typical personal training runs $55-85 per 1-hour session based on trainer experience, speciality, and several sessions purchased. It’s well worth the investment to fast-track results!

Specialized Small Group Offerings

In addition to traditional 1:1 personal training, CFF locations run popular specialized small group programs spanning: 

Junior Sports Performance (ages 8-15): Prepare young athletes for the demands of competitive middle and high school sports like soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, and more through tailored instruction improving speed, power, coordination and positional skill work.

Pre + Post Natal Fitness: Certified pre/postnatal coaches guide expecting and recent mothers through safe training, properly aligning breath, pelvic floor and core for comfortable, confidence-boosting workouts.

Parkinson’s Exercise: Science-backed programming enhances mobility, balance and stability.

Senior Fitness: Improve daily function through sustainable cardio, light resistance training, flexibility and balance work. 

Pilates: Lengthen, strengthen, and tone executing precise core-centric movements on studio machines.

And more! Programs run 6-12 weeks with affordable drop-in or membership add-on rates.

Start Training Today

Ready to improve your fitness with expert California Family Fitness coaching tailored to your family’s needs and goals? First, join a gym location that makes sense for your household.

Next, browse trainer bios using the Trainer Finder tool, or visit your home club to meet in person. Share objectives, lifestyle and budget to find the ideal fit. Special membership rates apply for add-on training packages.

Here’s to achieving your active potential with supportive CFF guidance!

California Family Fitness

Getting Started at California Family Fitness: Pro Tips to Maximize Your Membership

Congratulations on your new California Family Fitness (CFF) membership! Now it’s time to make the most of your new gym home.

While state-of-the-art equipment, dynamic classes and welcoming staff provide solid foundations, putting these amenities to work takes some initiative.

Use these pro tips to maximize your family’s experience from day one:

Attend New Member Orientation

Don’t take advantage of this crucial step! The beginner-friendly walkthrough tour teaches you:

  • Equipment adjustments + safe form
  • Class schedules and signup
  • Amenities like basketball courts 
  • Kids programming and childcare
  • Mobile app features, including workout tracking

Showing up sets the tone to keep showing up. Book your session ASAP!

Explore The Group Class Lineup

With an average of 30+ classes running daily systemwide, diving into the deep group fitness pool can feel intimidating. Here’s how to wade in:

  • Sort offerings by time of day, duration, training type and intensity level
  • Read descriptions detailing what to expect, experience levels and prerequisites
  • Take beginner-friendly formats first, like Intro to CXWORX or Gentle Yoga
  • Arrive early your first class to introduce yourself to the instructor and ask questions

Trying new-to-you modalities keeps your training fresh and engaging while building athleticism.

Use Mobile Apps to Track Progress

CFF clubs integrate leading gym software into an all-encompassing mobile experience: 

  • Digital check-in using Wodify app
  • Customizable workout planning and tracking via Fitli app
  • Heart rate monitoring and body composition via Apple Watch / Health ecosystem

Syncing fitness devices, inputting exercise data after each workout and watching metrics like strength gains motivate you to keep reaching new milestones!

Get Involved in Group Challenges

Bonding together towards shared goals makes getting fit more fun through friendly team competition. Regular member challenges hosted on gym bulletin boards and social media spotlight:

  • Most classes attended 
  • Highest weekend workout minutes
  • Bring-a-buddy new member referrals
  • Exercise-a-thon charity fundraisers

Challenging yourself while supporting others perpetuates an inspiring culture.

And most importantly…

Bring the Family!

California Family Fitness lives up to its name through amenities suited for all ages and interests. That means no more sporadic workouts between childcare struggles – the whole gang can join in on the action with specialized programming perfect for:

  • Active ageing exercisers
  • Middle + high school athletes
  • Youth sport skill development
  • Preschool playgrounds
  • Family adventure classes like Ninja Training

Guiding the next generation into healthy habits is what CFF does best. Here’s to many more memorable workouts together!

Ready to make the most of your new gym membership? California Family Fitness can’t wait to see you!


The Ultimate California Family Fitness Recap: Your New Active Lifestyle Awaits!

Ready to find a welcoming Northern California gym network eager to support active pursuits for every member of your household? Look no further than California Family Fitness (CFF).

Over 20 premier locations positioned throughout the Greater Sacramento, East Bay and Solano County regions mean convenience remains a top priority. Part of the fabric binding together local communities since 1983, consider clubs your hub to amplify health plus skills, young and old.

California Family Fitness

Through our guide, you discovered CFF perks spanning:

  • Member favourites like climbing walls, sports courts and aquatics centres
  • Group training fusing dynamic classes + personal instruction
  • Youth programming from toddler activities to athletic development
  • Specialized guidance like pre/postnatal fitness and senior training

Yet California Family Fitness offers much more than amenities alone. The service-first culture perpetuated by knowledgeable staff makes every member feel at home. Seek any level of engagement – from solo sweat sessions in the weight room to bonding over Family Bootcamp classes. Not only belong but feel welcomed like family on day one!

While peak-condition equipment certainly delivers results, California Family Fitness ultimately exists to elevate your quality of life every step beyond gym walls. Carry fitness gains into the community thanks to networking, improved confidence and an overall positive outlook.

Facilities across Northern California inspire discovering active passions you never thought possible alongside neighbours, friends and loved ones.

Join the CFF Family Today!

Use CFF’s Club Finder to select a location for your family now. Tour impressive gyms first-hand to realize why California Family Fitness facilities rate among the state’s premier fitness networks. At California Family Fitness, families can enjoy top-notch facilities and personalized fitness programs tailored to their needs.

Book your first class, meet welcoming trainers and leverage family-friendly technology resources to pursue your household’s health ambitions on a foundation of excellence. Setting foot inside CFF gyms sparks the first step towards an active lifestyle waiting to unfold thanks to sound support.

Here’s to sweating, smiling and strengthening bonds under one roof – the California Family Fitness way!

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