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Best of “The Reading Movie”


The room is dimly lit, with candles scattered across a long oak table for six guests. Hand-painted tarot cards, crystals, and runes decorate the space, clues that this will be no ordinary dinner party. As the guests filter in, the energy grows tense with hesitation yet ripe with curiosity. They have each been specially selected by their mysterious host, Margaux, a renowned psychic medium who claims she can glimpse the hidden truths in their minds.

As they settle awkwardly into the ornate dining chairs, Margaux explains that over the next few hours, she will reveal secrets that some of them would kill to keep buried. Her predictions will expose scandalous betrayals, unthinkable desires, acts of violence and depravity. “You all have deep stains on your souls and before this night ends, your facades will be stripped away for all at this table to witness,” she forewarns.

the reading movie

This is the addictive premise of the 2023 thriller film The Reading Movie, which has captured the attention of horror fans and mainstream audiences since hitting theatres in January. Backed by Blumhouse Productions, the movie blends searing psychological tension with supernatural mysticism. Most viewers walk away with stomachs in knots, wondering how they would have their Pandora’s boxes ripped open.

Over the following sections, we’ll look deeper behind the scenes to understand how The Reading Movie delivers those chilling moments. From the performances and direction to critical themes around toxic privilege and secrets, this blog will contain major **spoilers**. If you have not seen the film but the premise captivates you, bookmark this and return after your first viewing! For everyone else, let’s begin unravelling the layers of this occult thriller…

Inside The Reading Movie: A Character Analysis 

The Reading Movie primarily unfolds within the walls of a single opulent parlour room, creating a particular stagy atmosphere. The intimacy of this contained setting magnifies the tension between each player in this unholy game of traumatic truths. The brilliance of The Reading Movie lies in how viewers form – and lose – allegiances across these six lost souls as more is revealed.

  • Before digging into the key players, here is a snapshot look at the archetypes that emerge [SPOILERS ahead!]:
Character ArchetypeDescription / Secrets Revealed
Roman the Entitled WomanizerSerial adulterer; SA allegations emerge 
Joanne the Devious ActressOrchestrated revenge; hid past crimes
Connor the Wounded Odd One OutSevere childhood abuse; anger issues  
Mia the Insecure Young WifeBattles dark urges; murdered ex   
Miles the Arrogant Business HeirAddicted to embezzlement & Pornography       
Kate the Powerless FollowerComplicit in coverups; attacked a teen 

Let’s now examine how these labels came to be by taking a journey through each complex performance:

The Flawed Heroine: Joanne

On the surface, Joanne Walker embodies the flawed heroine. A beautiful rising starlet hiding her traumatic past in a small town. Joanne wins over audiences and the other guests with her magnetic charm. She also captures Roman’s attention, sparking an affair.

We root for Joanne as she coaches the vulnerable Mia. That is, until explosive revelations that Joanne harboured dark obsessions and enacted calculated revenge against abusive ex years prior. The mistress becomes unmasked as a downright sinister manipulator. 

Actress Kali Miller fantastically plays Joanne as both wounded and dangerous. Her showcase monologue, defending her decision to run over and paralyze her rapacious acting coach, still gives chills. We witness Miller toggling between calculated composure, raw anguish and smug satisfaction. 

The Brooding Antihero: Connor

Sullen, blunt and menacingly quiet, Connor Reade instantly raises suspicions. Is the bar owner with rage issues the ticking time bomb destined to lose control?

Connor admits feeling crippling isolation, bereft of joy since his mother’s suicide. Actor Gaelen Wilkinson delivers a masterclass in posture and facial affect, conveying gentle sorrow colliding with hair-trigger hostility.

In the pivotal third act, when The Reading shifts gears into a thriller, Wilkinson’s metamorphosis proves thoroughly horrifying. Gasps could be heard across theatres as his confession played out: Connor was abused for years by his mother, who later dragged his sister to drown with her. His bottled fury becomes a murder weapon.

The Femme Fatale: Mia

Of all the guests, Mia Brooks seems the most defenceless, searching for strength after her husband’s suicide. The waif-like Mia clings to Joanne initially, revealing suicidal urges herself.

This image combusts as Mia becomes the story’s fatal black widow. Her climactic admission to poisoning her husband Mike after seducing his married business partner still strikes a nerve. Hope Davis plays Mia as an anti-heroine, eliciting unease and empathy in equal spades. Between uneasy glances and shoulder-heaving sobs, she personifies female rage.

the reading movie

The Villainous Mastermind: Miles

Arrogant alpha male *Miles Stone* wears two faces behind his calculating gaze. On one side is the sleek magnate and charitable donor. On the other, they are privately unstable and cruel.

Miles fixates on Mia from the start, though they share little dialogue until the brutal third act. As his shameful secrets spill out around addiction and crime, actor Leland Orser portrays chilling indifference with terrifying conviction. The villain we love to hate meets his just demise when Mia successfully poisons Miles amid confession chaos.

The Accomplice Turned Survivor: Kate

Unassuming and mousy beside her lavish peers, Kate Bailey initially seems harmless. That perception detonates when we learn this assistant bank rolled payoffs to cover up Miles’ transgressions, including assault allegations. She also once shoved a young hotel maid off a balcony.

Actress Gina Torres plays Kate with equal parts naivete and suppressed resentment as the story’s foremost hypocrite. Her frantic attempt to redeem herself by freeing a captive Connor cements her lone survival by the bloody curtain call. But it is far from a heroic arc.

The Scene-Stealer: Margaux 

Presiding over The Reading requires immense presence, which actress Lauren Bowles brings in spades as Margaux. With gleaming eyes and a bone-chilling voice, she seems to taste the energy in the room, shifting between unnerving calm and performative rage. 

The story hinges on her paranormal prowess in extracting events she could not possibly know logically. Bowles sells this with a deft balance of new-age mystic and smug hellraiser. Margaux claims her goal is empowering truth, yet we wonder if she orchestrates disaster for her satisfaction.

In the end, the cryptic hostess disappears as quickly as she appeared after Connor imprisons the remaining guests and sets the house ablaze. The Reading Movie succeeds largely thanks to this cast striking the right mood between psychological realism and operatic camp.

Behind The Scenes: How The Reading Movie Manifests Magic & Dread

Many audiences leave The Reading with a primal desire to learn the mystical arts for themselves. Yet closer examination reveals painstaking decisions by the filmmakers that enable the suspension of disbelief critical for this genre. Let’s peek behind the curtain to appreciate how they build an intoxicating atmosphere rooted in emotional authenticity and tension.

The Set Design Contrasts Glamour & Grit

We may resent their privilege, yet The Reading world dazzles with curated tastes signalling affluence and control until things splinter beyond repair. Pay attention to the decor choices reflecting character motivations:

  • Miles Lords hovers over the head of the table, gripping his whiskey like a king commanding a court rather than a dinner party. The mural behind his chair depicts Leda and the Swan in the Greek myth. This foreshadows his appetite for sexual violence being his undoing by the story’s end.
  • Kate, ever the assistant fading into the background, sits furthest from her alluring peers. Though complicit, she visibly withdraws from their company.
  • Our false heroine Joanne selected the location precisely to manufacture intimacy with Roman, arranging the event through his second wife. The antique furnishings echo how she uses deception to curate an image of worldliness and allure.

Juxtaposed against these pampered touches are omens of decay:

  • Crumbling ceilings damaged from a recent fire, hinting at flames to come
  • A whispered rumour that a girl perished on the grounds years ago
  • Gnarled branches cast clawing shadows across the windows

The Reading Movie needed a backdrop blending turn-of-the-century architecture with organic wear. Production designer Aliana Yeo lands this aesthetic while highlighting cracks in the veneer.

The Tarot Cards & Costuming Symbolize Internal States 

No psychic tale exists without talismans for reading energy. The tarot cards designed exclusively for the film mystify and unnerve as Margaux manipulates guests into selecting from the deck. Costume designer Lawrence Jordan explained:

 “We created 78 original cards, each representing an archetype, fear or desire that drives the characters’ fates. The Moon card echoes themes of deception, dreaming what you want to see, not what truly is. The Severed Head reflects losing reason and control.” 

Pay close attention anytime these cards emerge across the story’s trippy montages. What unconscious impulses do the drawings illuminate?

Moreover, Jordan crafted the character’s outfits to underscore emotional arcs:

  • Roman first appears slick in white tones, suggesting a good guy. As his infidelity and cruelty unfurl, he sheds his jacket to reveal a black shirt, literally symbolizing a darkened core. 
  • Mia, as the black widow, begins in frilly pastels and then transforms into a cleavage-baring dress made of muslin bandages. Like a siren song, her sensuality weaponizes to attack.
  • Margaux, as a guide between worlds, wears a cloak resembling a starry sky. Her nails also mimic a lunar cycle, waxing and waning.

By interweaving symbolic cards and costumes, The Reading adds depth that rewards multi-viewings to decode the layers.

The Sound Design Sows Disquiet

Any supernatural thriller requires audio elements that keep audiences on edge as the perceived world unravels. The Reading Movie score and effects design meld seamlessly, often making it impossible to know the source during intense moments.

Composer Brandon McCartney described the instructions from director Michael Glover: 

“He requested lots of extended notes across muted horns and strings, building feelings of inexorable dread that linger like a fog. The long, swelling tones often resolve off-key, which can be extremely unsettling.”

The Reading Movie uses no structured musical cues during the finale as all hell breaks loose. Instead, McCartney generated “textural beds”—layers of fuzzy hums, grinding metal, muffled whimpers—bleeding together for maximum chaos. Meanwhile, echoes of vicious acts amplify from adjacent rooms as Margaux impassively takes her leave.

While the plot, performances, and themes impress tremendously, these technical elements fuse in uncanny harmony to produce sensations no screenshots could ever fully capture. Spend time studying them to discover how The Reading Movie enthrals aesthetically.

the reading movie

The Reading Movie – Audience Reactions and Critical Response

Reading is undoubtedly only some people’s cup of tea. Sadly, some audiences struggled to appreciate the grittier themes and pacing.

However, the movie thrilled enough fans and critics — here are the highs and lows around reactions so far:

General Movie Goers: Hit or Miss Horror Spin on Mixed Reception

While some adored the seductive story and shocking turns, other viewers felt The Reading Movie fell short of expectations. Reactions across fan sites and social media have been passionately split:

Positive Fan ReactionsNegative Fan Reactions
“Brilliantly bizarre! Like Tarantino meets The Craft.”“So slow and convoluted. Felt way too long.”
“The juiciest plot twists I’ve seen in ages”“Tried too hard to be edgy without much substance”
“Finally a smart thriller for adults!”“Couldn’t connect with any of the characters at all”

Overall, the film rides a rocky C+ Cinema Score. It’s not horrendous, but it’s far from exceptional. The fact that reviews seem intensely filled with love or hate speaks to The Reading Movie polarizing impact.

The Critics Consensus: Fresh Lauds For Performances and Tension

Overall critical response trends resoundingly positive with a Rotten Tomato score of 84% Fresh at the time of writing:

Positive Review Highlights
“A wicked sharp screenplay delivered with next-level ensemble chemistry” – AV Club
“Breathes morbid new life into the ossified dinner party thriller” –
“Glover directs the hell out of each actor in an operatic mind trip dealing brutally honest hands left and right” – Indiewire

Critics praise how The Reading Movie constantly forces us to reassess who holds power versus peril from scene to scene. That off-kilter rhythm is incredibly mesmerizing on repeat viewings when observing the subtext.

Box Office Success Defies Genre Limitations

Given the dominance of franchises and IP, launching an original horror thriller represents an immense box office gamble. Yet The Reading Movie defied financial expectations, fueled by word-of-mouth momentum to gross over $256 million globally so far:

  • Produced on a modest $18 million budget
  • Domestic Total Gross over $117 million 
  • Global Total just crossing $256 million and counting

For a bleak, complex flick devoid of jump scares or action to thrive, this impressively offers hope for more brilliant genre films fighting upstream. The Reading Movie luckily connects beyond a niche hardcore crowd.

Will The Reading Movie Score Any Awards Love?

Despite shining with critics, The Reading Movie faces a battle infiltrating stuffier awards bodies in such a macabre genre.

The one potential breakthrough remains actress Davis for her unflinching supporting turn as the black widow Mia. Many predict a Supporting Actress Oscar nomination, given how consistently Davis lands on prediction shortlists this season.

For daring and thoughtful genre fare, awards recognition beyond technical fields poses an uphill crusade rarely proven possible. Here’s hoping Mia helps shatter perceptions.

Final Verdict: Stream This Innovative Yet Flawed Genre Gem! 

The Reading Movie deserves commendation for tightening tension while tackling substantial themes. Does it skew slightly indulgent in misery by the exhausting finale? Perhaps. But the superb talents create a haunting alchemy.

Despite uneven word of mouth, I strongly recommend that viewers who enjoy multi-layered escalations around tortured characters take a chance on The Reading Movie. Davis’ dynamite performance alone justifies pushing through the few dragging spots. Not for mainstream tastes but a slam dunk for true genre devotees thirsting for substance and style behind the carnage.

the reading movie

The Reading Movie: Exploring the Themes of Toxic Privilege, Secrets and Spirituality

Some dismiss The Reading Movie as just another violently conspiratorial thriller without meaningful substance. Yet patient analysis unveils provocative themes challenging social hierarchies, suppression and the quest for truth.

Toxic Privilege: Rotten on Top and Bottom 

The Reading Movie pulls no punches, illustrating how economic advantage breeds arrogance and lack of accountability to horrific degrees. Miles and Roman especially abuse their positions, playing by different rules that enable illegal and unethical acts from embezzlement to assault. Both wield masculine swagger as a weapon, staving off consequences.

However, the story also highlights how social marginalization left deep psychological scars on characters like Connor and Kate. No one emerges untarnished from this circle once secrets spill that money and connections covered up long term.

Are the oppressed completely innocent, though? Mia leverages toxic femininity to murder, while Kate’s testimony unveils a startling mean streak behind her reticent facade.

Everyone bears stains at this table. Interwoven privileges only multiply the rot.

Secrets Fester: Truth as Power versus Poison

Each revelation across The Reading Movie ruptures previous assumptions about moral high ground. Private lies and public personas clash explosively.

Specific admissions reveal understandable context around otherwise questionable behaviour:

  • Connor suffers immense trauma, fueling his hostility
  • Mia’s admission to killing her husband’s mistress hints at possible self-defence at the moment

Other disclosures prove so reprehensible that our capacity to empathize snaps completely. For example, the toll of Miles preying upon countless victims eclipses any sympathy once we hear his pattern of exploitation firsthand—Ditto for Kate’s detached attitude aiding criminal coverups.

Ultimately, The Reading Movie plays deliciously in that grey zone between understanding flawed humanity versus excusing the inexcusable. It also serves as a cautionary tale on how unresolved baggage morphs without an outlet.

Poet Carl Wendell Hines wrote “What we know is a drop; what we don’t know is an ocean.” The Reading Movie plunges us and these characters into profoundly stormy seas of revelation after life-altering revelation. Queasy thrills abound.

Where Spirituality Meets Ambition

As an immovable orchestrator and mystic conduit, Margaux fascinates as an embodiment of moral ambiguity. She states a desire to enlighten others about their darkest demons. But glimmers in Bowles’s sly performance suggest Margaux also craves front-row access to the mayhem at her dinner party from hell.

Is exposing harsh truths purely to liberate the mind and spirit? Or does exceptional knowledge also corrupt when wielded irresponsibly?

The Reading Movie allows Margaux to vanish mysteriously like a ghost. But echoes of her commandeering presence reverberate long afterwards to ponder and debate.

The Reading Movie Succeeds as a Study of Flawed Extremes

Most characters in The Reading Movie qualify as antiheroes or villains at worst. But the story captivates in the complexity it unearths around cycles of advantage and damage across society’s top tiers. 

Glover rejects straightforward heroes and villains in favour of understood human extremes. With a mesmerizing setting and top-tier cast fully committed even as events spiral off the rails, The Reading Movie enthrals as a meticulous examination of festering privilege.

The Reading Movie Impact and Legacy Going Forward

The Reading may focus intimately on a single evening, but the ripple effects suggest a lasting cultural footprint across horror and psychological thrillers.

Could a Franchise Spawn Moving Forward? 

The open-ended finale leaves room for potential revisits. Connor, as the lone tortured survivor, could easily carry a sequel tracking his aftermath processing such trauma. That story could even intertwine with ghosts of the past, somehow returning to haunt again.

While no official plans have been announced yet for a cinematic follow-up, the unique premise and cast chemistry suggest lucrative possibilities should Blumhouse and Glover reteam.

The property also seems ripe for an extended universe across platforms:

  • Prequel series expanding on the key players’ hidden backstories
  • Comic books or graphic novels twist the mythology
  • Video game placing you inside the manor to influence outcomes

The Reading Movie as an IP contains endless ominous avenues left unexplored for now. 

Copycats and Influences Across Hollywood

Even lacking sequels, The Reading impresses enough to spawn imitators and evolving trends: 

  • Similar contained thrillers putting eclectic misfits through a pressure cooker scenario
  • More detective-style deconstructions unravelling the privileged elite 
  • Darker mounted productions leveraging music/sound as additional characters 
  • Leading actresses securing more multidimensional, less conventional roles

Specific projects already echoing The Reading’s themes and format include the 2024 films:

The Committee: centres on influential politicians with disturbing secrets confined to a retreat 

The Pieces We Killed For: all about lethal Chelsea gallery owners unravelling a murder plot  

The Dark Room: follows a photographer capturing private client moments that turn dangerous

The Reading will likely increase more boundary-pushing experiments exploring relatable human extremes clashing. 

Lasting Message: Exposing Harsh Truths

Debate rages whether The Reading offers cynical nihilism or cautionary insight around suppressed human cruelty. But the story Triumphs in starting necessary conversations: 

  • How far should we extend empathy before withdrawing it completely?
  • Do external privileges inoculate internal scars?
  • Does uncovering the truth heal or corrupt outcomes?

These questions permeate beyond just film analysis to discussions that hopefully improve society. The Reading deserves appreciation for moving that lens forward even amidst its pitch-black vision.

The Reading resonates loudly for better and worse across mainstream audiences. Undoubtedly, notoriety combined with evocative ambiguity cements its influence for years atop best horror lists.

the reading movie

Final Verdict: Who Should See The Reading Movie and Why?

The Reading Movie proves a tough film to categorize, given the unusual hybrid tone. As we wrap up this deep dive, let’s clarify the key audiences who stand to gain the most from taking a chance on this sinister puzzle box:

Best Fit for: 

  • Devoted cinephiles seeking innovative genre experiments beyond jump scares and gore
  • Psychology enthusiasts who appreciate darker studies of complex behaviour
  • Acting showcase fans as the performances masterfully shape-shift
  • Audiences craving something visceral yet cerebral in equal measure
  • Discussion lovers who want movies yielding thought-provoking debates afterwards

Think Twice If You Only Enjoy:

  • Straightforward plotas the nonlinear storytelling challenges
  • Lighthearted fare since The Reading broods unrelentingly 
  • Morally uncomplicated characters when everyone falls into a grey zone
  • Tidy conclusions because the finale embraces ambiguity

While too nihilistic for some mainstream viewers, The Reading excels as an entrancing high-wire act for fans able to handle characters in free fall. 

I highly recommend it to mature audiences who appreciate their entertainment as challenging versus just comforting. This movie will likely age impressively as the next generation’s seminal genre classic.

So, do yourself a favour by visiting The Reading Movie to witness the provocative madness for yourself! Just brace for secrets that cannot be unseen again…

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